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Mona Stephen

Mona Stephen is the Principal and Creative Director of M One Design Group, a leading interior design firm specializing in commercial and hospitality design


Leveraging a wealth of industry experience and a team of seasoned professionals, Mona excels in transforming design concepts into distinctive environments that enhance client engagement, drive sales, and create lasting impressions. Her expertise spans full-scale commercial projects, residential communities, hospitality venues, and specialty designs, emphasizing the strategic role of aesthetics in user experience and brand differentiation.


Mona’s career commenced as a Visual Merchandiser at Home Depot EXPO, progressing to the design and merchandising of model homes for prominent Southeastern home developers before founding M One Design Group. Under her leadership, the firm’s portfolio boasts an array of diverse projects, including multi-family developments, senior housing, restaurants, and high-end residential renovations. Notably, Mona has also carved a niche in designing unique music studios for high-profile clients.


M One Design Group prides itself on a personalized approach to design, ensuring that every space not only meets functional needs but also creates a memorable and positive impact for its occupants and visitors.

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“I approach each project with a mind for how I would want to feel in each space. I want the people who live in, visit and enjoy the spaces we create together to always feel good. To me, that starts with thinking BIG.” 

– Mona Stephen

Meet Mona

Mona Stephen is the Principal and Creative Director for M One Design Group and an Interior Designer with over 15 years of experience in commercial, hospitality, and residential interior décor and design.

Under Mona’s leadership the M One Design Group portfolio now includes a diverse blend of small and large scale projects to include multi family developments, senior housing, restaurants, hotels, music studios, and residential renovations.

Her career began as a Home Depot EXPO Visual Merchandiser which then led to designing hundreds of model homes for builders and developers in the South Eastern Region. After a few years of merchandising model homes, Mona realized it was time to expand M One Design Group to include a talented team of designers and contractors.


Mona attributes her ability to attract such a diverse client portfolio to her extensive experience with merchandising model homes and the ability to maintain successful client relationships. Because model homes vary in style and price points, Mona and her team must have the ability to create environments by marketing to the demographics of who would function and live in the space.
This approach has allowed M One Design Group to consistently deliver full scale design recipes that represent the client and how their space will be aesthetically pleasing and functionally used to – look good and feel good.
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